Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday's TO Trip

Ok...4am came very fast and we were off to TO....Stefan made me call so that I could go to at least one of the weekend classes...Lindabella...what to say about this fab lady...mad mad coloring skills...Colic Diva...Paula yes you are still the Pencil Queen. I learned so much about was awesome...Many this to the ladies at Stampingbella for getting me into the class...for those of you who do not know me..I love to totally breath to color...I was so upset when I had to cancel my trip due to unforeseen expenses...let's just say yep I am a pouter..Stefan could not handle it and made me call to see if I could get back in on Sunday and yelper I made it in.....let's just say I did the happy dance...Still sad I missed the Pencil diva she is fab as well...Linda this for all of the info and boy you can sure make a gal feel welcome..this again and may the force be with you...Now I have to stop because Stefan is getting bored with no one to talk's a long drive...tootles

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  1. you are a TOTAL sweetie! ...and apparantly, according to my mother, i DID have colic as an infant so maybe you aren't too far off! LOL!!!!

    oh ya...i NEED an was the first thing that blurted out of my mouth when I got home to the do you know there was someone in my class with an iPad....i NEED an iPad...i can put on a pretty good pout too! i'm glad you could make it! I check out all the blogs of people who comment and I thought it was you when I saw you but I wasn't sure...guess I should have just asked!

    hope you learned lots, and if you have any questions, just email okay!


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