Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday!! Busy Busy

I think it has been about a week since I last posted. Where does the time go? Well one more fundraiser done for my daughters bagging man what a crazy night that was. I had to laugh at how fussy some people are with their groceries..I am a picky person do not squish the bread, don't mix the meat and veggies, cleaners separate...this one elderly lady bless her sole made me unpack and repack her groceries because I put the dish soap in the wrong bag. In the end she donated 20 dollars and said it was for a good is times like that that make me smile..I think the kids did good we don't have the total yet. Cards well I have been coloring out of my wazoo!! This card is for a shower that I cannot attend this weekend because my goddaughter is doing her first communion. The card is for a boy and man the cute little jeans to go with are the best...I will not hold you up hope you like it...Oh yeah I wanted to tell you about my daughters poem but I will do it in the next post..I also have all of the colors I used listed here...thks for stopping by..

Man's Shirt: Copics YR21,23

Pencils PC 1033, 1032

Pant's Copics E40 based

PC 941, 947

Shoes/Belt: PC 1054, 1056 and Black

Mama's Shirt: Copic B0000

PC 1025

PC 901 shading sm amt

Mama's Skirt: Copics E40, 41, 42

PC 941

PC 947

Flowers: Copic B93

Skin Color Both: CopicE0000, 000

Hair: PC 941, 947, 944

the shading around image is done in Wheat Chalk Ink.....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Card Just In Time for Easter..

Of course I have another card well two..These are cards that I made for each of my Girls..Carrington and Kenzington...The Image is from STAMPINGBELLA and it is no other than IZZIE IS A BUNNY!!..Who would have thunk...I also decided that I would list all of the colors I used to complete this image...Other than that not too much is new I hope you like her...HAPPY EASTER to all and thks for stopping by...MWAH..

Colors Used: Prismacolors

dress skirt: 1026 greyed lavender
                   934 lavender
                   956 lilac
                   931 dk purple (sm amt)

jacket:  1017 clay rose
            1031 henna
             937 tuscan red ( sm amt)

face, hands and legs:  Copics E0000, 000, 00

bunny ears: based with C1
                  1054 50% warm grey
                           70% warm grey

inside bunny ears:  993 hot pink
                             994 process red

egg (green part):  989 charteuse
                           913 spring green
                           912 apple green

egg (blu part):  1024 blue slate
                       1022 mediterranean blue
                       1027 peacock blue
                         901 indigo blue

the sparkles are glamour dust and the shading around the image is done with Versa Chalk Ink in the color Wheat..I hope this is helpful and remember to use gamsol and stumps for blending..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snow What Happened To Spring...KennyK Chal..

Well today is Wednesday...Yep and it is SNOWING here...What is up with the weather...So I did another KennyK image this one is for TRACEY'S Dad...There is a inside joke that goes along with this card...Do not ask me this girls name because I can't remember...I colored her with my copics she is a digi...Well I hope you like her..she was def fun to color...Oh yes I told you that I would share a poem that my Carrington wrote..
                                                           Hippity Hop..Hoppity Hip
                                                                Who could that be?
                                                     If its not me and its not you then Who?
                                                            Hippity Hop..Hoppity Hip
                                                         Hops on his legs to deliver eggs..
                                                               He's White and Fluffy...
                                                                Yep you guessed it..
                                                                Its the Easter Bunny!!
                                                                                      Carrington Boucher..

Now she got up this morning and I said do you think you could write me something for in my Easter Cards and in five minutes no word of a lye she came out of her room with this...Boy Oh Boy  my girls just blow my mind...There is nothing better than being a mom...thks for stopping by and without paining you any longer here is my card..take care and be happy..MWAH!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello To All Kenny K Chal & The Spotted Chick #50

Well kill two birds with one card this is what I did I hope that is OK..This once again is a KennyK digi image..I am loving these things...98% of the coloring is done with my Copics due to the fact that the Gamsol is smudging the ink..This is  a card my friend asked me to do for her Nephew..Sorry for the short post but I have to run..On my next post I am going to share a poem with you folks that my talented daughter Carrington composed about her walk in downtown Lima...For those of you who know me my girls well lets just say they put the twinkle in my them to pieces...hope you like and thks for sharing all of your comments...MWAH!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Kenny K for Challenge # 39..Pretty In Pink

Ok pink yep!! That is all I will say..Boy Oh Boy practice is something I am going to have to do when using these colors..I am happy with this cutie putie...My daughter Kenzi has already called this card...These images are grt and I am truly loving them..thks for stopping by..I hope you can see her belly button diamond..MWAH!! Oh Yeah thks to Kenny K's Krafty Girlz

Hippitty-Hop!! Easter is Around The Corner!!

Happy Easter
Good morning I have been coloring all week and something has been off..For those of you who know me I am not a fan of the pinks..  So I have been trying to broaden my scope of colors...My Husband thinks it is funny he laughs all of the time..So I tried with this Easter card I hope you like it...Hope you like it and hope to have more colored soon..thks for stopping by..MWAH!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

First Kenny Kiernan Girl...

Ok this image is a little racy not intended to offend anyone..Are you wondering why I chose this stamp well my bestest friend Tracy her Hubbies Birthday is this week and I colored this for him..Boy this was a challenge..I printed this image with my HP laser jet and the gamsol smeared the black..Then I had started to teach another friend about a month ago how to color with Prisma Pencils and so I have been working with those so when I could not use the gamsol I switched to my copics...Well guess what I forgot how to use them..Yep I forgot how to color...once my devastation subsided I picked up my copic colors for the skin and stumbled through...It was a long road and many images later I was somewhat happy with the outcome but not totally...So this card is the product and do not look to closely because there are many flaws..thks for stopping by and have a safe and happy week...MWAH!!