Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Good morning to all...Well candy a today and taking the kiddies out tonight...So what I have I been up to well making Halloween treat boxes..I made two types one set for the class on the island and this set for all of my fav kiddies....These boxes took forever but in the end they were made with love...Other than that I hope to get some coloring done and start Christmas stuff now...So to all have a grt night and be safe...

Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25th what the Heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok can someone please tell me where in the ---- the time has gone!!! Weekend did we just have one of those..oh yeah!! Friday night moved my scrapping room back downstairs to where I had started out....for those of you who know me i tend to move quite a bit so yes back down to the asian silk,moss green and more mustard room...all of my tables are up and yes Stefan is amazing...Tracey you know I love you girl..thks for making all of those trips for me ..I hate having bad knees...Midnight friday I finished arranging..only to wake up at 6am to get ready for my first kids class this year...we did two projects a witch box idea came from Kim Score who is amazing at punch art and second another candy holder from a stampinup demonstrator forget her name but she goes by stampin by the you can guess iam very tired no caps and well grammar what is went great.  Sunday i started to organize my paper and put the vinyl on my you think i could remember how to cut that stuff well needless to say i got it at a grt this room because my fam can sit with me...hope you like so here are a few pics

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ok I'm Back!!

Looong time no post!!!!!!!!!!!! What can I say where does the time go?????Kids, work, coloring, cooking,and housework....This pretty much Somme's up my days....The weather here in Ontario..Massey where I live has been great... If we could keep this weather until December 24th have some snow fall for Christmas and then warm up again until Feb 14th and right around the corner is Jamaica man....Yep Hubby and I are going viva kiddies...yes this is the first time do I feel bad well kinda no are you crazy some R&;R for mom and dad....Let's not forget to mention Stefan and I received this from my MOMMY &; before any of you email me to see if my parents can adopt you NO NO NO!!!! guess you could say I am pretty lucky....Now for some shocking news got a cup of tea.. r u ready for this shocker I received some new stamps in the mail....Yes I gots some new RUBBAH.....I am so in love with this word....and to top it all off i gots some new COPICS in as well...grrreat great day!!!!!  No creation yet but one will come soon...Yes I am practicing my coloring trying to get as good as PAULA & LINDA ....well to all that have stopped to read thks a million and remember a girls day is not complete without some your minds out of the gutter....MWAH!!!...Tracy and Crystal get better soon love you gals.. I also put a Pic of the Fam we went out with the Rhino on Sunday so I took this pic of us yes we are all girls look just like