Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Night!!!

Digi from Bugaboo
Here is the deal first day back at work..Easy as pie....Tired yes but over worked no...The weather is cool and perfect so I decided to go for a walk nothing wrong with that....Ok here is the being an idiot decides to get on the scale....scale+Kerri= A VERY BAD MOOD!!!!!... Needless to say there was no rainbow, butterflies nothing but the digital reading %^&...Did you really think I would type that I almost fainted on the spot..  Ok take a breath Kerri step off and lets try this again.....Well BANG!! there was that dreaded number....Ok get off shake the shit out of that scale and put it down....Well jump on and jump off BANG BANG!!  I turn my head and look over my shoulder and right there looking up at me are the ok ladies I know we have all been there....yep my but was staring at me....I tried to shake it off , dragged  it on the floor like a dog , and after all of my attempts I came out with rug burn on my ass...and yes it was still there.... I know it is my own fault I am the only one who can change it....if one more persons says that to me I think I might just haul off and BAM!! right in the old chops....With all joking aside I have decided to start WW again....Weight Watchers for those of you who do not know what I am talking about.....So wish me luck or else me and my trunk might just stop on by....Now I have entered to win some blog candy over at  Hopefully Heather's Stuff her site is very nice....I am posting a card that I made for Mr & Mrs B my in laws for their 40th Wedding Ann.  I hope you like the image is from Bugaboo and it is a digi...Take care and be happy.....also hug the ones you love today so that tomorrow they feel loved..


  1. Hi Kerri, this is a brilliant crad, the digi image is so fun! Thanks for applying for my candy, I wish you the best of luck :-)


  2. Hi Kerri...oh yes, the dreaded scale. Must have been a man who invented it! Might I ask where you signed up for WW? I was told there were no more meetings in Espanola. I really need to join as well, and I would be interested in going together.
    Take care,

  3. Hi Kerri. Thanks for a nice comment over at my blog.
    After looking around on yours I can say that wow, you make a lot of beautiful cards. Great coloring.
    Love the stamp on this one. lol



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