Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hot Dog DAy!!!

Mo MAnning Jingle Bells
Yep today is Hump day....My morning started out by getting up late...I hate that hated the taste of my coffee and my Pug is constantly in my feet...Enough whining...Well one month and it is Christmas another year has almost come to an end...My Christmas shopping is almost done....This morning I had a talk with my girls...for those of you who know me they are the best thing ever....I told them that I needed their lists for Santa by Friday...both at the same time told me that they did not need anything they have enough....First word out of the mouth after I picked up my chin was SHUT UP!!! They replied "no mom there is nothing we need." Now this only proves my point they are growing up...I never thought that I would hate those two words..GROWING UP!!!! Why do they have to grow...I cannot even scrapbook a page of them because all I do is cry...cry and cry...Is there a treatment for this type of heart ache can someone let me know...Ok enough of my babbling here is a card and I hope you like it...Oh I made a quilted Christmas ball I will show ya when I have time to take a photo..hug hard and live loud...mwah

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday...Crafting..Whoosp read My Book Instead...

Ok today is Thursday and I feel shitty..I hope I can write that.  Tomorrow is HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I love these movies...I watch them at least once a week...Yes I did make some cards but I can only post one because I am trying out the spotted chick challenge....this is a card I made for my Mom's Birthday this week...My poor Mom..she turned Sixty and now all of the sudden she is worried she is going to die...If any of you reading this knew my folks they are the greatest out there...They have lived all over the world worked where other will not and have given me and now my family a great life....My brother was killed many years ago by a drunk driver so she fears that I am all alone and that if something happens to her and my dad I will have no one...She is such a crazy lady I have a few good friends and my family I told her but she is still worried....Stefan who is my hubby said she will out live us all...So Mom HAPPY 60TH TO YA!!!! I LOVE YOU MAJORLY....without further ado here is my card...the image is from Stampingbella it is a Stella love her...colored with copics and prisma pencils...enjoy and yep I used Kraft colored card stock...Oh and one more thing it is antibulling week at the kids school she blue is the in color at my house this week...remember LOVE IS STRONGER...make sure your kids are safe and also let them know that bullying is not allowed.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Already!!

Last night Stefan and I sat down at 9pm to watch Empire Boardwalk....good show I looked at him and said where did the weekend go?   Saturday my friend Crystal got married it was beautiful and gave me some coll ideas to spruce up my tables for Christmas...Sunday I had a baby shower man I would love to have another little pair of feet around my house....For those of you who know me I get irritated with people who have a business you contact them to provide the service they agree and then something happens that you have to contact them and low and behold they have decided they are no longer going to provide you with service....Here is my story no names of course.  As you know Stefan and I are going away in February for one week I have four dogs two who were going to stay at Memes with the girls and the other two at the Kennels...This dog boarder is located on Pleasent Valley last night I call here to set up an appointment for the dogs to spend sometime out there to see how they interact with other dogs.  I say to the lady does Saturday sound ok for you..she says no that does not work...Ok when does it work for you?  GOOD QUESTION I think her reply " I have decided that I do not want to watch your dogs anymore.." I say when were you going to let me know this considering I booked with you 4 months ago...Her reply " I do not have to call you.." I thanked her for her time....Ok it is alright to change your mind but have the balls to call the person and let them know..needless to say I do not recommend her to anyone.... I have kind of come to realize that in today's world some people you cannot count on....On a positive note a big thank-you to the gals at STAMPINGBELLA.. service above and beyond....I called in a panic on a Monday needed two stamps for yes both of these occasion's and they came through they arrived on Wednesday..So THKS TO YOU ALL...hugs all around...So without further ado here are my cards both BELLA images... Hey thks for stopping by...make sure and leave me a comment...or just a thought...