Monday, April 9, 2012

Second Post..

Friends Are....
A quickie for sure it is late but I had to get this card into the Lori Boyd Challenge...I think that it is Challenge 28 and it was the colors you see in my card...Hope you like it is one of my favs I think it is the colors..Good night my hubby is already sleeping!!!

Monday Afternoon

Good Afternoon..well just finished watching a movie with my girls..have not done that for some time..Today's card is one that I was asked to make by my Lorrie my dog groomer.  This card is a KennyK image and it is a Hockey player....Hope you like going to enter it into Sweet Stamping Challenge Dies and Doodles.., Well I hope you like it..and thks for stopping safe,happy and always create..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gots Ya A CArd!!!

Hippie Love!!
Good evening!! Who says that your title has to be correct..Well it has been a bit since I posted a card..Well I have been coloring but no time to post...I had the wonderful experience of going to a Tim Horton's Camp on a school trip.  Man oh Man what an amazing experience...Lets just say the lessons learned are well worth buying an extra coffee each day to help support these amazing camps...Now I have to tell you ladies a story...I have a friend who lost her husband nine months ago to a tragic car accident to then make progress to be knocked down by a legal matter...just when the water started to settle she calls me to tell me she has found a lump in her breast...Lets just say when I get off the phone I walk out of my craft room go upstairs get my coat get in my card and I drive thinking to myself..(sorry if I offend anyone I do not mean to) are you f*&king kidding me...I pull over on the side of the road I look up into the sky and say what are you doing do you not believe on giving someone a chance..,Well nothing happened except that it started to rain...So on Monday she had a breast removed...Today I go out to see her and before I leave she asks me if I can give her a hand washing before her nurse comes..Yes I def can do this for her...Then we proceed to wash her hair and she tells me that is the best she has felt in a while as we turn to the mirror so she can dry her hair I am chatting away I look up to see a tear roll down her cheek... I lift my head and she looks at me and says how does this work Kerri...Now usually I am not at a lost for words but being unsure what to say..I say  Well you won't fall over or tip this is one of those times as it is coming out I am think oh man is that what you just said...My friend looked at me and bursted into laughter she laughed so hard I had to get her a pillow...When we were all done and she was dressed and I was heading out she told me one of the reasons that she loves me so much is my outlook on life...I guess what I am trying to say is who is to say what is right and what is wrong.. I think that if we live our life treating one another the way we want to be treated life will be great..Sometimes the wrong thing just might be the right thing... I want to take my hat off to all of those who are survivors of cancer and to those who stand by the loves they love and support them...Courage, I think is something that we have to learn and relearn all of our lives...Ok done rambling....Yes I do have a card it is a Krista Smith Hippie Love this is one of my favs and I made this one for a special little girl who is turning six on to all stay strong, safe and happy