Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mom and Dad Almost Here!!!

I have completed another card at first I was very unhappy with it...I think the problem was Arthur's hair still not to fussy about it.  If you have any suggestions I am more than willing to listen to them.. Other than that I am ok with it..Onto another thought this is my second week in Weight Watchers and I think it is going ok, last week I had a loss of 2.4lbs which is good but now my mom and dad are going to be here,,,let's just say they do not watch what they eat at all a tad nervous...So I decided to set a new goal and that is to stay firmly on track to hit my 80lbs loss...I know what you are thinking 80 lbs wow that is like loosing a lab from my body...I will get there..My husband bless his sole tell me he married me this way I am a great person, mom and wife...I hear that but you ladies know when you have to do something for yourself it gotta get done...and you bet your ass I'm gonna get er done..Enough about my goals if any of you have certain goals and would like to share them let me know would love to hear them...Ok today's image is from no other than Stampingbella and it is Annie & Arthur..hope you all like and this one is going to go into the Spotted Chick Challenge..If you want to see some eye candy without the weight gain take a gander at her amazing cards..Well love ya and tootalou..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot Hot Day!!

Well in Massey Ontario it is very hot so I decided that I would take my two bestest girls to see a movie...If you know me I am a Harry Potter junkie so this is what we went to see...The movie was great and both of my girls loved it.  My mom and dad are moving home this weekend I am a little nervous but also very excited...My mom and Dad are great people and I love them very much...Lots of of friends think that it will not work living with them but I guess time will tell...So do I have a card for ya?  Of course I do the card I am showing you is one I did for my best friend Tracey.. She asked me if I could make her a wedding card so I said sure.. I fell in love with this card..I have to say it is one of my favs..Well I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it...I am going to enter it in Digis with an Attitude...The image is a digi I bought from Tiddly Inks..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday!!!! Boat Tomorrow

Stella needs a Prezzie...

Good morning to all...Well today is Friday and that is the start of my I get up and start getting food ready for on the boat..Yep the entire weekend is spent boating...Weighted in last night two night early and had a lost of 2.4lbs..also got told I am not eating enough points...So I guess I have to plan better...Well there are a few things I want to show you one is a card of course and the other is a bracelet I made...Actually there is two I made a matching one for my friend....The card is a Stella image and yes it is for the Bellarific challenge....I hope you like and it was colored with copics and her hair was done with Prisma Pencils...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Bracelet!!!!!

Well here it BRACELET!!! Carrington just finished..she is very proud of it and I am trilled to be wearing it..hope you like no card as of right now but I will have one soon...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Short But I am Back!!

Very quick today lets just say I lost my mojo but I think it is coming back..Hope you like and I hope to show you the new pet in the next post..