Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not A Christmas Card!!

Cupcake Princess
Good evening to all..Well it has been awhile since I have last posted..What is new in my world.  Well I have almost finished my Christmas shopping..a few things left...I have lost another pound boy this weight loss thing has been a long journey..My Hubby keeps telling me " Anything Worth While is Worth the Wait..."  Do you know what I say back.." that sentence or saying has to many W's in it.".lol..Other than that not too much exciting my kiddies are great along with my life long bestest friend Stefan ( my main man)..So do I have a card or what....Ok what..just kidding I do have a card..I have colored the Cupcake Princess..the image comes from no other Mo Manning..who as some of you know I love..this gal is talented and has a heart of gold...I made this card for my mom it is her birthday and she is so far away from me that it makes my heart sad...She called and said someone she knew would bring stuff back to Mongolia for me...So I hopped on the coloring wagon and this was the outcome..well thks for stopping by and be safe, happy and yes creative...MWAH!!!!


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