Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Christmas soon!!!

The weekend went by in a blur...It started Friday night with going to Dinner with some friends at Mr.Prime Rib man it was good...then we called it a night because I was under the weather...Saturday we did some work around the house went and collected the kiddies from Meme's...That night some friends came over for dinner and helped my hubby move the fridge and freezer upstairs...due to my bad knees they also carried everything up for me..Talk about fantastic friends...once that was done we watched Eclipse and off to bed...Woke Sunday morning and left for Sudbury with my Mother-in law...Burlesque boy awesome show if you like good music and dancing good looking men and women well here is the show for you...Made it home by 5:30pm had supper watched Merlin with the girls then Empire Boardwalk Finale with the Hubby and off to bed with a sore throat and headache....Now enough of the whining her is a couple of pics of the teachers gifts I have made..they contain Swiss choc, green tea. candy canes and yes a Santa pencil....hope they enjoy them..hope you like the pics take care and thks for stopping by....

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