Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Where Did The Week Go!!

Hey There!!

  I thought that I would drop a few lines and tell you about whats up.. As you know I am in Grand Cache Alberta,  this is where my Mom and Dad live now..I know it is hard to keep up with these two always on the move..Well we are dead smack in the middle of the mountains man it is beautiful..It does not matter which window you look out it is mountains.  I think we are 4500 feet above sea level here...The weather well lets just say we can have four seasons in one day and lots of rain...We have been helping them move into a townhouse..Stefan is hooking up all of their Mom and Dad are somewhat challenged in this department as myself...The girls are good but missing their dogs very much....I have been coloring but no new creations yet...I did not make the Bella DT team..but I will try for others...Coloring is a passion I have so I will Keep on coloring...Looking forward to taking a class or two in TO...well must sign off have to finish moving.  When I get home I will post some pics...Thks for stopping by

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  1. Have a blast Kerri - safe travels coming home! Send well wishes to your mom and dad from me.

    Talk soon!



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