Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ok Kraft Image..

Well here is my first image done on Kraft cardstock.. This image was coloured completely done with Primsa Pencils and a small amount of Gamsol..A big thank you to Mary J for the tutorial it was great..SO THANKYOU!! The image is a Krista Smith..Her name is Smashy Bob..She also just had a big release of digs...JUST SAYING!!   I put this coloured image into my Smash Book my first page..Hope you enjoy it and thks for stopping by...MWAH

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stamping Stuff IN!!

Ok this is a quick post...I just got a call from the mail and some of my stamping stuff is in from excited..This card is a birthday card Idid for my nephew..The name of the image Ido not know but Idid colour it with copies as well as pencils...So I must run and lots of love to all who leave me love and for those who take the time to stop by also going to enter this card in CUTE CARD  THURSDAY... will share my spoils after..MWAH!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Sunday Morning!!

Well this am I got up and did my normal routine..Toast, coffee, threw in a load of wash and finally came to look at all of the blogs that I follow...Now I always go on my own to see all of the comments that people have left for me...Well this am I had a surprise Vicki over at Sunshinecrafters had decided to give me a blogger award...Me yah Me!!!  Happy dance going on right now...So Iwould like to give her a big old THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart!!!! Now part of this award is give give five blogs the same honour..FIVE, just FIVE now my followers list has oh if Ihave not chosen you it is because I could not have you all oh and you had to have 200 followers or less...So the five Ihave chosen are as listed..

Annie Rose-

now if you decide to accept this you can go over to Viciki's blog I left a link and she has what you need to do to accept this..thks again to all of you lovely crafters who have decided not only to create but to share as seeing all of your work..

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday March17th..2012

Oh Man!!! Where has the time went..most of my March break I spent sick with a horrible chest and head cold...What fun is that for the girls..Well I was able to take them to see John Carter oh boy what a show..AWESOME AWESOME!!!  I think every person in that show must have had to go to the gym everyday for about eight   So the card I am about to show you is a Kenny K image and I think her name is Digi Download Girl...My daughter chose this for a birthday party she is going to for her friend Molly..Kenzington and Molly have spent the last few days arranging what they were going to do with their time...Needless to say this am when I brought her over to Molly's she had packed her room..Before I show you my card I also had the pleasure of taking my oldest daughter to register for High school..Well nobody prepared me for how emotional I was going to be..I cried like a baby...This is my baby Carrington I can still remember bringing her home from the hospital...My husband told me that it was just another stepping stone, one I was not ready for I guess..Well enough of the sappy stuff I hope you lie my card and I am going to enter it in Cute Card Thursday Birthday Challenge..thks for stopping by.. going to enter One Crazy Stamper March challenge..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Birthday Card!!

Just love Her..
Good morning to all.  Well today is Wednesday and my Hubby is driving me crazy with the banging.  You guessed it we are renovating.  A Bathroom the main one we have all of the material but nothing goes as planned..The tub was late but received yesterday and the drywall was no good, and after we ripped it down we found that the contractor did not insulate the wall...The contractor who built this house was horrible he def sucks in the world of Builder and Mike Holmes would kick his lets move on to happier thoughts a card you say?  Yes of course I have one..The image is one from our talented friend Krista Smith and her title is Party Hardy and this I will do when the bath is done..I am going to enter it in Challenge # 12 which has to do with doilies and yep there is one very small..Image was coloured with copies as well as pencils.. going to enter

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baby CArd!! One of My Fav

Teddy Bo & Co Image...
Ok this is going to be a short post due to the fact that it is late and my play list on iTunes is on its third run..This card stumped me for a bit..I have paper across my entire craft room..Now I have a large room..Oh crapjust one second my Pug is eating some..CRAP!!  Ok back now man oh man good thing he is cute..This card is for my dog groomer she is a last minute kind of gal and called yesterday about this card..Here is what she said I need a Baby card..I say Ok not a problem when do you need it for..her reply friday!!! Here the pink , no blue and green is not that great...Well needless to say I got off of the phone and started..Then the phone rings for those of you who follow me my daughter and I write the sayings for in the cards she then request something special..I say nicely anything else you want ta pile I love this gal she is great..Well here is what I came up with I hope you like..This card reminds me that the only limitations we have are those that we place upon ourselves..always be creative, love like no tomorrow, show empathy and let those you love know it..thks for stopping by and have a great weekend...