Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grande Cache Alberta!!

ok visitors we made it...Kenzi survived the trip and we are at my Mom and Dad' is beautiful here will put some pics up to a stamping party can you believe it....have a great day..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hump Day!!

Today I have decided to post a pic of an album I did for a Dad who was over in Afghanastan and the mom wanted something he could take with him....I put alot of work into this album and at the end I was over the moon with it and the mom was amazed...I will try and post a few of the pics..Oh and today is my HUbby's Birthday boy where does the time go I met Stefan when he was seventeen and today he is 39...some may be thinking did your love fade...not a chance I think I love him more than ever he is a awesome dad and he loves me dispite my flaws we won't list once again thanks for stopping by....

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Week-end..Yippee

Good Morning to all who visit you know today is Bellarific Friday and yes another week has gone by in the challenge.  Yep I have a card finished....Last night I went over to a good friends house and we sat and talked and laughed...I did not realize how much I missed her company...some people come into your life and they make it a better thanks to my long time friend...OK this card is of an Izzie..Izzie has a LETTAH..where do you get this cutie STAMPINGBELLA...the DS paper is StampinUp and the CS is Cricut.  Izzie was colored solely with Prisma Pencils and gamsol or OMS...the bow was made with the Bow-Easy which again I purchased from STAMPINGBELLA...without further ado here she is...hope you like and thanks again for stopping by....

P.S  two more nights until TRU BLOOD..Sookie finds out what she is....and ohhhhh boy what a humdinger this is gonna be....can't wait....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Round Three

Tonight I have a new card that I made for a challenege hosted by The SpottedChick....for those of you who do have the chance take a peek at her web site it is great...lots of inspiration...I am new to this blogging thing and boy it can be maddening(is that a word?) so here is my card if I can get it to attach...wish me luck..I colored this card with Prisma Pencils and OMS..thks for looking..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love the Cold Weather!!!!!

So it has been a few days since my last post.  Wondering why..hello the weather it is awesome..this is my kind of weather for those of you who know me I love to bake and cook.  Let's just say I have cooked enough to feed four mommy bought me a new stove so I had to put it to the test..It works!! What to cook next I think it will be Stuffed Shells those are a fav in my house..Yes I have been working on a card and no I cannot post it yet but I thought that I would post a card I did for my mom once for Mother's Day and she loved it....the stamps are from StampingUp...Oh yeah went and seen the Expendables loved it..TruBlood fans now tell me it is not getting good..I hope Sookie gets with Eric boy I love him..If you have not read the books they are great......Now reading The House Of Night Series and they are hard to put down.  Hope you like the card and be happy and safe...sending luv

P.S the Author is P.C Cast & Kristan Cast

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Love the Heat,Hate the Humidity

Suzette KETTO
It has been a long week...I tell you I love the heat but hate it when it is humid.  Thank God for AC..Hydro bill doesnot approve or maybe its my pocket book..Here is the deal I love to color and in order to color I have to be happy and cheery.. To get happy and cheery means that as my daughter Kenzi would say not a hot Mommy..I must be cool and thankfully today I am...Not feeling the best but hey who cares..Oh wait one important thing I must mention..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTEST FRIEND TRACY!!!! love you girl..I have a gift for ya..and no its not my smiling plump face... A big kiss and a hug to ya..Another reason I am feeling kind of crappy is my oldest daughter Carrington went on a sailboat lastnight for a birthday party..imagine lucky kids...heres the thing if you do not know me my kids are like my world..and mama is very protective..ok get the thoughts out of your head I do not smother them but I like to know all of the details.  Like when where, what, why ,an who is that so bad..Oh and wait can I come problem I am having is they are on the big water and if something were to happen I cannot just drive to her..My mom say to quit being overprotective that I have to loosen my apron strings...Ok enough about that and lets get to the card...This is the card I submitted for the second challenege over at was about bling..for those of you who know me know I like I used some Glamour Dust. Stickles and Smooch (love this stuff)..I also used bright colors...the stamp was colored with my copics and the image is SUZETTE KETTO for no other STAMPINGBELLA...hope you like the eye candy...thanks for stopping by..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello It's Tuesday!!

Tuesday 10am  where did my morning go?  Oh yeah put down the book..(House Of Night Seris amazing..must like vampires)  Weekend flew by spent Saturday with the Hubby and the Kiddies on the boat..they fished I colored (whatelse would I Saturday night we had a bonfire and made smores...and coffee..Sunday well I colored and read weather was crappy and watched a movie with the kids..Yesturday was a whirlwind some parenting issues..I think that when you leave the hospital they should give you a manual for each year of life...or at least the teen years and she is only 12....Can someone tell me what happened to dolls and stickers, mud and cartoons....On another note I have been working on some cards this week for the DT challenege Stampingbella is hosting, the theme is Bling..well I love bling I feel we all need a little sparkle in our lives...but not over done.  Well I made a card for my god daughter who is like a little whirlwind..she has life by the coat tails and is a I saw this Mo Manning image and she popped into my head.  Card was colored with my copis as well as pencils...hope you like and have a great day..remember each day is a gift weather it is good or is the bad ones that make us love the good ones...tell those you love that you love them....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ist Stampingbella Challenege..I did It!!!

Ok so those of you who do not know me...welcome to my blog.  Yesturday I finished my card for the first challenege in becoming a bella babe.  Bellababe, you are thinking well there is a store in TO where I go to take some classes and buy supplies..(i love this store and Stefan dreds it when I go  This store is jammed with many goodies... Stampingbella also has their own line of stamps and they are looking for someone to design cards to showcase their stamps...the present babes are amazing...If you want to check out the store go to on google and it should pop up...So what is up with this amazing cold weather love love love it!!!!!!  So without further ado here is my creation...I used dogwalkabella.  I colored my image using copics as wellas some prismacolor pencils along with OMS... For those of you who visit thanks a million and I hope you like the card...have a great day and hug the closest person to you and let them you they are ya

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Feels Like A Monday

Good Afternoon!  Can you believe it I am still in my pjs lazy or at least the kids are fed.  I have spent sometime cleaning up my computer because the Hubby is going to back it up...someone should tell a person how many hours that can take...and on top of all of that do you knpw how many times I have screwed it up.  Well I did color last night but there is something I do not quite like so I have decided to put a card that I did a while back ( is that one word) I smarter than a fifth grader I think will never tell my kids that.  Kids they ask you a questions you give them the answer and then they say I knew me to I hope you like the card and have a good day.