Saturday, September 11, 2010


Boucher Family Sept 2010
Carrington & Kenzington
Ok so I was going to post the card I finished last night but I am not to sure what happened to the pic...but i will find it...Stefan who is my wonderful hubby his Mom and Dad are Celebrating their 40th wedding Ann...Last night I asked Stefan what have you learned from your Mom and Dad over the Forty years with regards to marriage....His response was as he stood and stared at the wall.........well what do you remember about those forty he stood there...If you knew Stefan he is caring, sensitive, and a hottie...sorry about that i just love him majorly....back to Stef he has no romance in his blood at all...a romantic dinner to him is tell me where you want to go..if i want flowers he say they just die...i am not complaining but if i want to be swept off of my feet I have to get a big to lov'em... So I have decided to post some pics of my fam in Alberta..hope you like...Oh and for those of you who are TRU BLOOD fans Sunday is the finale....OMG a whole year with no BLOOD thk god for box sets....

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  1. Beautiful pictures Kerri! Loved your post - Stef is such a card... :)

    Take good care



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