Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday's TO Trip

Ok...4am came very fast and we were off to TO....Stefan made me call so that I could go to at least one of the weekend classes...Lindabella...what to say about this fab lady...mad mad coloring skills...Colic Diva...Paula yes you are still the Pencil Queen. I learned so much about was awesome...Many this to the ladies at Stampingbella for getting me into the class...for those of you who do not know me..I love to totally breath to color...I was so upset when I had to cancel my trip due to unforeseen expenses...let's just say yep I am a pouter..Stefan could not handle it and made me call to see if I could get back in on Sunday and yelper I made it in.....let's just say I did the happy dance...Still sad I missed the Pencil diva she is fab as well...Linda this for all of the info and boy you can sure make a gal feel welcome..this again and may the force be with you...Now I have to stop because Stefan is getting bored with no one to talk's a long drive...tootles

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another RAiny DAy!!

Look at that who typrd no work today boy I just might have to find another job.  The lack of funds cuts into my scrapping money not good...I finished a card this is for my little friend Owen he took care of my dogs when the family went to Alberta...He fed, walked,and did poop I made him a card with a little treat inside...The image is from SASSY CHERYLS it is a digi...I love this site I have many of these puppies..I colored with my copics as well as pencils....Kenzi's heel is starting to improve but I had to change the dressing the one the doctor gave me was making it worst...Now I am not saying ignore the Doc but sometimes Mom knows best...For those of you who have been following my blog you know that for my Ann..I got an IPAD..yep one more time an IPAD and yes I love it....when I get is so addicted to this game called Blue Block that I have to ask him for it back..I purchased an app on it called My Net Dairy it is a weightloss tool and if does other things as well.  I love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have lost in two days 3.7lbs and yes I am a tad hungry but nothing I can not cope with...Let me tell you when you realize the amount of fat and the quantity you are using it is an eye opener.....So I have been dilegent recording and appling what they say and so far so good....One week and I am heading to TO to partake in two classes at STAMPINGBELLA....LINDA & PAULA...yep read it again.. these two ladies are like the coloring goddess of my the morning I wake and reach for the IPAD..sometimes I can to reach over it on and start the morning journey with their blogs....if you like to color these are the sites to visit...they are awesome for helping and getting back to you when asked for advice....let's just say when I growed up I want to be like a tad..thks for stoppping by and enjoy your Anne Frank says " I don't think of all the misery, but the beauty that still remains..."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Night!!!

Digi from Bugaboo
Here is the deal first day back at work..Easy as pie....Tired yes but over worked no...The weather is cool and perfect so I decided to go for a walk nothing wrong with that....Ok here is the being an idiot decides to get on the scale....scale+Kerri= A VERY BAD MOOD!!!!!... Needless to say there was no rainbow, butterflies nothing but the digital reading %^&...Did you really think I would type that I almost fainted on the spot..  Ok take a breath Kerri step off and lets try this again.....Well BANG!! there was that dreaded number....Ok get off shake the shit out of that scale and put it down....Well jump on and jump off BANG BANG!!  I turn my head and look over my shoulder and right there looking up at me are the ok ladies I know we have all been there....yep my but was staring at me....I tried to shake it off , dragged  it on the floor like a dog , and after all of my attempts I came out with rug burn on my ass...and yes it was still there.... I know it is my own fault I am the only one who can change it....if one more persons says that to me I think I might just haul off and BAM!! right in the old chops....With all joking aside I have decided to start WW again....Weight Watchers for those of you who do not know what I am talking about.....So wish me luck or else me and my trunk might just stop on by....Now I have entered to win some blog candy over at  Hopefully Heather's Stuff her site is very nice....I am posting a card that I made for Mr & Mrs B my in laws for their 40th Wedding Ann.  I hope you like the image is from Bugaboo and it is a digi...Take care and be happy.....also hug the ones you love today so that tomorrow they feel loved..

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Boucher Family Sept 2010
Carrington & Kenzington
Ok so I was going to post the card I finished last night but I am not to sure what happened to the pic...but i will find it...Stefan who is my wonderful hubby his Mom and Dad are Celebrating their 40th wedding Ann...Last night I asked Stefan what have you learned from your Mom and Dad over the Forty years with regards to marriage....His response was as he stood and stared at the wall.........well what do you remember about those forty he stood there...If you knew Stefan he is caring, sensitive, and a hottie...sorry about that i just love him majorly....back to Stef he has no romance in his blood at all...a romantic dinner to him is tell me where you want to go..if i want flowers he say they just die...i am not complaining but if i want to be swept off of my feet I have to get a big to lov'em... So I have decided to post some pics of my fam in Alberta..hope you like...Oh and for those of you who are TRU BLOOD fans Sunday is the finale....OMG a whole year with no BLOOD thk god for box sets....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Long time no write!!  I have now returned from Alberta boy was that a quick trip..Mom and Dad are moved in....The girls have returned to school and so far so good.  Kenzi's ankle is still weird looking and the pressure sore on her heel is nasty might be time to see medical advice...  Ok call the doc and they will see her in the morning...  I did not make the DT team but CONGRATS to those who did all of the cards were amazing...Sept 25 and 26th heading to TO to take a coloring class with PAULA & LINDA these are two of my favorite ladies out there..So I will show you the final card I was colored with copics and pencils and the flowers I made and airbrushed them...I must admit this is one of my favs..Oh yeah Stefan bought me an IPAD for our Ann..let's just say I was over the moon...Oh Kell if you are reading this sorry I got you Hooked on TRU BLOOD I love this show...Bill, Eric and Jason what is not to love...vampires!!!! So without further ado

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Where Did The Week Go!!

Hey There!!

  I thought that I would drop a few lines and tell you about whats up.. As you know I am in Grand Cache Alberta,  this is where my Mom and Dad live now..I know it is hard to keep up with these two always on the move..Well we are dead smack in the middle of the mountains man it is beautiful..It does not matter which window you look out it is mountains.  I think we are 4500 feet above sea level here...The weather well lets just say we can have four seasons in one day and lots of rain...We have been helping them move into a townhouse..Stefan is hooking up all of their Mom and Dad are somewhat challenged in this department as myself...The girls are good but missing their dogs very much....I have been coloring but no new creations yet...I did not make the Bella DT team..but I will try for others...Coloring is a passion I have so I will Keep on coloring...Looking forward to taking a class or two in TO...well must sign off have to finish moving.  When I get home I will post some pics...Thks for stopping by