Monday, December 31, 2018

Rocker Boys Skin Tut!

Good morning and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all..Today I am sharing how I color my skin on KRAFT paper!! This tutorial is done with an Image from C.C DESIGNS and it is one of the ROCKER BOYS..I love these little dudes!! The pencils are Prisma colors and I blended with Gamsol which is also known as Odorless Mineral Spirit you can find it at local craft stores. If you have any question feel free to leave them in comment along with a way I can contact you and I will get back to ya!!

Prisma Pencils
Dark Brown
Burnt Ochre
Light Peach

this is also the order I apply them

Pic 1
Apply thin light layer of Dark Brown to Shadow areas.. Pressure light
Pic 2
Dark Brown is down now add Chocolate hitting edge of Dark Brown. Extend your shadow lines slightly
Pic 3
Burnt Ochre next picking up edge of Chocolate..
Pic 4
Taking Peach do the same as above hitting edge of Burnt Ochre keep pressure light
Pic 5
Light Peach now so all colors have been applied
Pic 6
All colors are applied now blend out with Gamsol and paper stump..this will make it look very light now to much pressure when blending out as this removes color. If you want it dark repeat all steps mentioned above..

thanks for stopping by and I hope this helps you out!! Have fun and remember to always practice!! If you mess up it is only paper!! HUGS

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  1. Thank You Kerri! I took my pencils to hubbys surgery yesterday and I struggled on her skin and then I saw this post! 😍😍 You inspire me to use those pencils bs always using my markers. Thank You!


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