Monday, July 28, 2014

Another No Lines!!

Good morning to all of my crafty friends!! Well the month of July is almost gone..where does the time go? This morning I was siting outside on the deck with a cup of coffee pondering!! Yep that is what I was doing..While I was pondering I started to realize that I have a great life.. I have a amazing Husband and two amazing Daughters...Amazing are you wondering why well they are caring, supportive, they show compassion and they are very empathic..I do not have a huge house, a million dollars in the bank..My cars are old I am a tad over weight but in the end I have a house full of people who love me..Now I have a few friends they are loyal, caring and love to drink coffee..Stefan well where do I being he loves me no matter what I do, say and think he helps me with everything..He cleans cooks does the laundry when I cannot..He tells me everyday to sit and colour..he even threw in the rest of the money for my SCAN 'N' CUT machine..So as you can see I am very lucky..Sometimes in life we always want more but  if we step back, take a deep breath and look at what we is more than enough..We have a rule at our house no one goes to bed angry and we give everyone a kiss before bed... make sure to take the time because it is the one thing we cannot get back!!

Ok my card is a SC image by the extremely talented lady Krista Smith..If you have a chance stop by her blog her out look on life is inspiring..I coloured NARWHAL girl with my copics no pencils this time..still struggling with hair..I hope you like her

I also want to say a huge thanks to all of you that stop by my blog..I do know that with limited time it can be hard..Thanks to those of you who leave me the comment I truly do love them..It still amazes me that you all think my colouring is good..

Well time to bake so thanks again I hope you are all having a wonderful summer take care make time to create or read a book...HUGS


  1. Struggling with hair ? You must be joking ! Your colouring is super super fantastic Kerri ! I wish I could colour like you ! You are blessed to have such loving and caring people around you and you are right to stop, think and be grateful about it... Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet message. I had to come and see what you had goin on here. Very cute projects ! You have e some mad coloring skills girl ! And your so lucky to be a DT for lacy sunshine, love her stuff !

  3. I love your attitude Kerri! I totally agree that we all need to look more at what we have rather than what we want. A kiss on the forehead from my husband means more to me than a new pair of expensive shoes!

    Oh, and I LOVE your card - brilliant colouring as usual!

  4. AWE Kerri what a FABULOUS post!!! So true...we need to appreciate all those that we love and love us back!!! Your card is simply know how I feel about your colouring but I WILL say it again...PERFECTION!!! Still looking for my Kerri colouring lessons...LOL!!! Have a FABULOUS day and take care!!


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