Sunday, January 15, 2012

DT Call Saturated Canary!!!

Sprocket..Dare to Dream..
Ok here goes round  If you are wondering what the his about, well I have a new computer and lets just say it is getting the better of me..Now on to more important things one of my resolutions was to try and become a member of a design team..So hence this post this is the second..I stumbled upon these images and something about them just gets me..I love these babies my Hubby asks all the time what Krista Smith image are you colouring now...They have taken over, that's not to say I do not like others, lord knows I have enough to prove it.  At the moment these have my attention..The image I have coloured on this card is Sprocket..If I had to put a Title on my card it would have to be life..The words and the saying and words that I tell my kids often.  Words like inspire, dreams, and discover I have been fortunate enough to do some traveling and my girls have come with me so these are things they let you soar as a person...This is going to be a graduation card for my daughter she is so all over this card..In my house when I make my cards my girls and friends call them..Meaning they stake a claim...they are my greatest fans..Inspiration for this card came from all of you crafters out there..Those who take the time to citrate the images, those who take the time to colour and create and then those who share techniques and time for those of us to learn..So again this card goes out to all of you...thks from the bottom of my heart and keep creating and sharing..MWAH!!


  1. great work
    oeh i love the picture of youre kid
    poeh see is angry,hihihiih
    my son is 2 years and 3months old..most of the time his answer is NO
    ppfff difficult age
    good luck
    maybe i try to send a card to scdtcall

  2. Very inspiring words, great card,

    Liz x

  3. This is amazing the colouring is awesome and if you got on to the DT they would have such a member, brilliant!!!!!

  4. I love this Kerri - I think it's my most fave of your cards yet!!

    Good luck with the DT call - you deserve to be on it with your fab original designs!!

  5. FANTASTIC job on this Kerri! Your coloring rocks! Best compliment a crafter can have is that her family wants her stuff. It means they are committed to your quest and will forgive your need to be in your craft room to meet a deadline. Good Luck on your DT call.


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