Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday!! Busy Busy

I think it has been about a week since I last posted. Where does the time go? Well one more fundraiser done for my daughters bagging man what a crazy night that was. I had to laugh at how fussy some people are with their groceries..I am a picky person do not squish the bread, don't mix the meat and veggies, cleaners separate...this one elderly lady bless her sole made me unpack and repack her groceries because I put the dish soap in the wrong bag. In the end she donated 20 dollars and said it was for a good is times like that that make me smile..I think the kids did good we don't have the total yet. Cards well I have been coloring out of my wazoo!! This card is for a shower that I cannot attend this weekend because my goddaughter is doing her first communion. The card is for a boy and man the cute little jeans to go with are the best...I will not hold you up hope you like it...Oh yeah I wanted to tell you about my daughters poem but I will do it in the next post..I also have all of the colors I used listed here...thks for stopping by..

Man's Shirt: Copics YR21,23

Pencils PC 1033, 1032

Pant's Copics E40 based

PC 941, 947

Shoes/Belt: PC 1054, 1056 and Black

Mama's Shirt: Copic B0000

PC 1025

PC 901 shading sm amt

Mama's Skirt: Copics E40, 41, 42

PC 941

PC 947

Flowers: Copic B93

Skin Color Both: CopicE0000, 000

Hair: PC 941, 947, 944

the shading around image is done in Wheat Chalk Ink.....


  1. Man, I wish I could colour like you! Love the card, and I love how you always photograph your cards in front of a matching background.

  2. Love this, another gorgeous creation. And well done on the fund raising!

    Liz x

  3. Too cute. Love the fun background paper..


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