Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love the Cold Weather!!!!!

So it has been a few days since my last post.  Wondering why..hello the weather it is awesome..this is my kind of weather for those of you who know me I love to bake and cook.  Let's just say I have cooked enough to feed four mommy bought me a new stove so I had to put it to the test..It works!! What to cook next I think it will be Stuffed Shells those are a fav in my house..Yes I have been working on a card and no I cannot post it yet but I thought that I would post a card I did for my mom once for Mother's Day and she loved it....the stamps are from StampingUp...Oh yeah went and seen the Expendables loved it..TruBlood fans now tell me it is not getting good..I hope Sookie gets with Eric boy I love him..If you have not read the books they are great......Now reading The House Of Night Series and they are hard to put down.  Hope you like the card and be happy and safe...sending luv

P.S the Author is P.C Cast & Kristan Cast

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  1. True Blood? I'll have to check it out - I am always looking for night time reading. This card is beautiful Kerri! You could sell these and make a mint...or maybe you already do? I forgot to ask that!

    Take good care...keep baking!


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