Friday, July 22, 2016

Be Your Own Hero!!!

TINY TOWNIE HAYLEY the HERO this stamp means alot to me for many different reasons.. With everything that has been going on in the news..Violence, Death, Fear, Injustice just a few of the things that come to mind I had to colour her up.. I feel as a person or as a people we are afraid to take a stand..  My daughters who I am extremely proud of sat with me and we chatted about what has been happening and how people today have stopped caring for one another..  Now this is just my opinion  and no that of STAMPINGBELLA

I feel that we have become afraid to stand up..When we see that someone is being shut down, put down, hurt and or afraid we need to be a HERO..Humans must remember that  HUMNAITY has to be put forth inorder to protect those that are less fortunate that us.. Blood runs threw all of our veins and we all must put an end to the violence that we see on a daily basis..We must not allow ourselves to become immune to these acts as where will we be in 20m years from now..What kind of future our we leaving for out grandkids?  So now I have taught my girls that they must stand for those we need us to stand up for them even if doing it is hard..Some of the hardest things we do in life and are that easy.. I have also taught my girls that no matter what other think or say about you you must alway BE YOUR OWN HERO!!!

Image was coloured with my Copics shaded with Prisma Pencils..Image can be found over at STAMPINGBELLA

Next weeks CHALLENGE is ONE LAYER WONDER!! Using a current image create something email it to by Thursday..Thanks for reading my rant


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