Friday, December 2, 2011

End Of The Week!!

Always Wish Big...
Good morning to all of you lovely crafters and of course all of u non crafters...End of the week do u need me to type it again..END OF THE WEEK!!! Saturday morning here I come...Butter Toffee coffee homemade pancakes sitting with Stefan and chatting..then going and jumping on the girls bed to wake them up..Carrington and Kenzington love to sleep in on the weekend...Sleeping in is like 8:30am which is good but mom does not like to be up alone so guess what...I know it horrible but growing up my Dad did the same thing..bless him I call him the big man...My dad is roughly 6 foot 4 280lbs and is bigger than life itself..My mom who is equally as awesome is all of five foot nothing and rules the roost..I f she says jumps you dare not stand still...right now they are away in Mongolia working..So enough already about my family..I hope all of you have some special people you call family..And for most I follow your blogs and you do..It is great to hear all of your stories and how they inspire you to create and be who you are..Today I have a card for you that is another Image from Krista Smith..over at Saturated Canary...As mentioned before I love the girlie's images there is something about them that has me intrigued..Stefan who is the greatest guy in the world laughs at me because he says are those the only images you are going to color..Yep he gots it..This is a birthday card for the little girl I nurse..Her name is Karleigh it is her 16th birthday and she has to be one of the strongest little girls I know..Sometimes you meet people in your life who leave you with a mark well she has done that for me..just when we think she will not pull through she comes back full of smiles..I will never doubt the will to live...I also thk my lucky stars everyday for all of the people who make my life complete..and for all of those things I am fortunate enough to be able to is a gift and you need to live it to its fullest each and everyday..hope you like my card I enjoyed coloring it and it is colored with Prisma safe, be happy and love like you will never love again and your path will be colorful..


  1. This is beautiful hun, and im sure she will love it. This post is so lovely, I nurse terminally ill patients so I know just what you mean, life is so precious. I would love to think I could lead a colourful path too, Thanks for that xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. wow! very pretty coloring. beautiful card!

  3. Wowzers...your colouring on this is outstanding. I loved your post today and totally agree with all you have said!


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