Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another RAiny DAy!!

Look at that who typrd no work today boy I just might have to find another job.  The lack of funds cuts into my scrapping money not good...I finished a card this is for my little friend Owen he took care of my dogs when the family went to Alberta...He fed, walked,and did poop I made him a card with a little treat inside...The image is from SASSY CHERYLS it is a digi...I love this site I have many of these puppies..I colored with my copics as well as pencils....Kenzi's heel is starting to improve but I had to change the dressing the one the doctor gave me was making it worst...Now I am not saying ignore the Doc but sometimes Mom knows best...For those of you who have been following my blog you know that for my Ann..I got an IPAD..yep one more time an IPAD and yes I love it....when I get is so addicted to this game called Blue Block that I have to ask him for it back..I purchased an app on it called My Net Dairy it is a weightloss tool and if does other things as well.  I love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have lost in two days 3.7lbs and yes I am a tad hungry but nothing I can not cope with...Let me tell you when you realize the amount of fat and the quantity you are using it is an eye opener.....So I have been dilegent recording and appling what they say and so far so good....One week and I am heading to TO to partake in two classes at STAMPINGBELLA....LINDA & PAULA...yep read it again.. these two ladies are like the coloring goddess of my the morning I wake and reach for the IPAD..sometimes I can to reach over it on and start the morning journey with their blogs....if you like to color these are the sites to visit...they are awesome for helping and getting back to you when asked for advice....let's just say when I growed up I want to be like a tad..thks for stoppping by and enjoy your Anne Frank says " I don't think of all the misery, but the beauty that still remains..."


  1. get the iWatchr app! i have it on my iPhone and it is essentially a WW tracker. i LOVE it!


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